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Who We Are

We are a group of folks who share an interest in studying, preserving, collecting and trading old loading/reloading tools. As you might guess, we otherwise have very diverse interests and backgrounds. One of the main goals of the group is to have fun while we work to preserve and study antique reloading tools. This association is completely non-profit; you will notice that our website has NO advertisements and NO endorsements. It is completely funded by the support of our members.

What We Offer

As a member, you will have access to in-depth detailed information, archives, our forums, and much more. We have the largest extant reloading tool archives yet assembled and it is growing all the time. This research center is available in part, or its entirety, to members of our organization. In addition, we offer "go-to guys" who are specifically well versed in tools of a particular manufacturer or in an individual tool's details and characteristics. Furthermore, the collective resource of various individuals relative to questions and answers provide a broad spectrum of information to those in search of specific data. Overall, ARTCA offers the greatest accumulation of knowledge-based information, fellowship with other tool collectors, and experience related to the reloading arena and operation of these tools.

An unmentioned, yet additional benefit of being a ARTCA member, is the close association with the number of well-known and knowledgeable cartridge collectors who serve as a resource for additional information about the products for the reloading tool. Many members of the group have collections of items in associated areas (guns, primer tins, powder cans) who are more than willing to share information and help fellow collectors.

How to Join

If you would like to join the association, please fill out our registration form. After we process your payment, you will then gain access to the information on our site. The Association is still young, so now is a good time for you to influence its organization and focus. The annual meetings coincide with the Colorado Gun Collector's Association show at Denver in May; all interested members are encouraged to attend.

Help the Association

You can help build the quality of the website by helping add high quality images of interesting tools...you can write material for inclusion on the website...you can write material for inclusion in a planned newsletter...you can help spread the word about this project and encourage your tool collecting friends to join...in short, there are lots of ways to help out. Start by registering your support, become a member, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping out with this worthwhile endeavor.

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